How the Magic-Bean Trippers came to be

Let the cool glass lull your fears

My fingers are tingling, my heart’s racing and my tummy’s fluttering with butterflies. It’s funny how we end up panicking when the things we’ve dreamed of vividly and longed for so much, suddenly appear just beyond the horizon, on the verge of being realized. Travelling has always held an allure for me as it does for most, and as much as I’d tried to bring to pass this wish, I can’t deny that there was the smallest part of me that never really believed it would come true.

Now only a week away from taking off on a journey around Sri Lanka, I feel a sense of awe, a sense of being larger or more powerful than I’ve supposed myself thus far. That’s a pretty frightening feeling.

And then there’s that prudent little voice in my head that will not stop posing its incessant question in its annoyingly incredulous tone. “You’re leaving a stable job, a steady income, a shot at a successful career, to blow it all on flippant road-tripping?!!”

This is followed by involuntary reflections on the scary realities of taking on such a journey on a limited budget and scarce resources. Will we have to sleep in our car? Will we have to skip meals? What if we can’t afford a car? Will we be able to cover all the places we want to? But horror of all horrors; will we have to abandon our journey, incomplete?

I didn’t tell my friend, Chamindra, any of these fears. I just said that it’s becoming scary, now that the time is drawing near. But she did something for me that happened to be exactly the remedy that I needed. She gave me a poem that puts my fears to rest. Don’t ask me how she knew precisely what to do. She probably didn’t. Maybe it was that part of us that’s much greater than we dare to imagine that was setting things just as they should be.

Whatever it may have been, I will treasure your poem on my travels, Chamindra, and I will let it lull my fears. Thank you.

Nothing Gold can stay, says a great poet

Silver is beautiful too, says the Woman with the magic beans

The red, green, blue, pink and purple magic beans are not for sale

But, you can put them in a cool delicious milkshake and let the colours embrace your dreams

Let the milkshake feed your hopes

Let the cool glass lull your fears

by Chamindra Warusawitharane